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22 February 2006 @ 12:49 am
22 October 2004 @ 02:20 pm
As of 1:52PM on Friday, October 22, 2004, I am accepted to the University of Michigan.
...awesome, such a relief.
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Song of the Moment: Its great, to be, a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!
28 February 2004 @ 10:15 am

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris
@ couplandesque.net]

i dont know if hate when bands i kno go mainstream... but im definitly a pciky person
23 February 2004 @ 09:00 pm
havent updated in a few days, but im not gonna be like andrew and just be an anti-updater. the last few days of break were not very exciting... friday didnt do anything, and saturday all i had was a hockey game, won that 4-3, now we made the playoffs.. that was kinda cool, and my mom decided to be sweet and not let me go out after my game. i hate when she's like that. so i had to sit home AGAIN. its not like i did shit over the break anyway. i did get back at her by playing loud music into the wee hours of the night (which led to me being grounded). that did give me plenty of time to type more of my alaska journal. im on page 9 i think and im only on day 15 (out of 46). i dont think im gonna double space it, it'll be a waste of paper. i had to work on sunday, that was fun as always. then finished typing my paper for advanced comp. i thought that class would be easy, but we write so much. now im back in the gist of things, back into the school schedule and whatnot. i need to get me one of those lord of the rings ring that zachs got. i think i missed work today too, i forgot to write down my schedule. i dunno what else to write... i seem to have an absence of fun times and happiness in my life.
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Song of the Moment: Face to Face - Blind
19 February 2004 @ 09:16 pm
quick recap on the past couple days...
tuesday: didnt do anything until hockey practice at 4:30, we had too many coaches out there and we wasted about a half hour just talking about the drills. did nothing tuesday night.
wednesday: slept in and left for my hockey game around 3, we lost to brother rice 5-2, and now we must win on saturday against u of d to make it to the playoffs. after the game i went out to eat with my mom, and then i went to see elf at the dollar theater with carl. funny movie. i didnt get to sleep til about 1:30am, being that i had to wake up at 5am for my hockey practice.
that leads in to today. everyone was dead tired at practice, no one got any sleep, we had a mildly fun practice. got home, showered, and i couldnt really fall back asleep. i finally fell asleep for about an hour around 9. when i woke up i went to mcdonald's for breakfast since im usually not up in time to get there before breakfast closes. i waited around for carls ass to get ready so i could come over. i didnt end up coming over til about 1, and we went out to rent a movie. but... the lady wouldnt let us rent a movie cuz my name wasnt under my parents account. this has never been a problem before. whatever, we ended up not having time to watch a movie anyways. so carl tells me that we're supposed to pick up these girls around 1, but they didnt pick up their phones or told us to call back, and it was after 2 when we said fuck it and carl invited these twins over that he knew. we picked them up and chilled for a bit, then carl and i played out our well thought out plan, and had a great game with the sex dice. i havent used those in so long. i wanted to use them this summer with the odds of 18 girls to 5 guys, but it didnt exactly work out. i had to work at 5, so we dropped them back off at home and i dropped carl off and went to work. got some gas for my car after. and now im writing this.

ok, and now for my responses to my last post.
to begin with, james, i dont think im an asshole that often, i mean, u only see me one hour out of the day, and more than half the time i dont talk to u when im there. and im sorry about the shit i said in middle school. i was new, and i was doing exactly what u said, trying to fit in. i do want to thank u tho for the time in 7th grade when u were my partner for that STAND field trip, i dont think i ever got around to telling u that, and it did mean a lot to me being new and all. if u had that big of a problem with what i was doing trying to fit in, u should have said something to me about. theres no way for me to kno something is really bothering u if u dont tell me. i thought when we were camp counselors we became more friendly, and i hoped we could continue that. if ur gonna hate me because of something i did 3 years ago, its your choice, but i think holding grudges from the past really doesnt get u anywhere in the future. but ive changed quite a bit since 8th grade, and hopefully we can get over that.
next is sean (sutherland). almost the same with james, except u and i were like mortal enemies freshman year. who would have thought that we would be going out to lunch on a 1/2 day 2 years later? i did say shit to u too, but u also said it right back. even tho we've had our differences, i think we have come pretty far from where we used to be.
jenny-- ur really a good friend. as for the red crap in middle school, well, that was my way of flirting back then. but since then, u've been nothing but supportive, and for that, i thank you.
sean holden... what can i say, besides ur a anti-semetic jew-hating bastard, but i kno on the inside ur a soft teddy bear.
natalie, eric, and carl are just sweet.

so out of this experience, ive gathered i was quite the asshole in middle school. well, a lot has changed since then, we have all changed since then, and we all have to realize that. well, i guess ill see what happens from here.
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Song of the Moment: Guster - Airport Song -or- Come Downstairs and Say Hello
16 February 2004 @ 10:42 pm
comment and tell me what u really think of me. bare it all and tell me the truth. no hard feelings, say what mean.
15 February 2004 @ 11:50 pm
it felt so good to sleep in this morning. woke up at 11:30 and ate some food. i went to go get some gas for my car a little after that. then i had to work at 5. got off work at 8. i went to go play some tennis at 9 and played til 11. my games getting a little better, i just need to work on my serve. i came home at started eating again. nothing major happened today. this week is going to be long and boring. it seems as if everyone goes out of town but me.
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Song of the Moment: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
12 February 2004 @ 09:49 pm
well i got a valentine
I'm Feeling: nerdynerdy
Song of the Moment: Barry White - Just the Way You Are
09 February 2004 @ 05:30 pm
the ACT is officially the Ass Crunching Test. who would ever in their right mind come up with standardized testing?? and who the hell knows what a determinant is? apparently ill find out next chapter says Jimmy V. it sucks that im a slow reader too, cuz i didnt have time to finish the reading portion, so like the last 5 or 6 answers are all C. when i finially finished i was walking out and who do i see? none other than jesse bean. i havent seen him since western. i prolly wouldnt have even recognized him if he didnt see me first. after i got home i just chilled for a couple hours until i had to go to work which was just too much fun. then my parents decided to be ultra cool and ground me from my car hindering any form of plans i had that night. i just can get over how cool they are. sunday was a complete blast. i got to go to my little cousins bday party, then i had to work again. i got home from work around 8 and started writing my theses and my paper for advanced comp. i finished one thesis and said i was done and told my parents i was going out to play tennis. but they decided to be super cool again and not let me drive. so fucking retarded. only 467 days until i leave for college. i watched pearl harbor too. woke up this morning, go to sleep for an extra hour cuz i had an orthodontist appt, and i missed a physics quiz that i didnt know about. it wasnt too big of a deal that i didnt do my paper for comp, i thought she'd be mad at me. i dont have to work tonite which is always a plus. i cant go to the ski resort next week cuz i have hockey. who the hell plans hockey games and practices over break. i decided to wrote a book about alaska. actually im just typing out my journal from alaska that coincidentally happens to be over 100 pages long. thats all i have to bitch about for right now.
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Song of the Moment: Jason Mraz - Childlike Wildlife
05 February 2004 @ 10:03 pm
today was actually a really good day. i didnt have morning hockey which is always a plus. i only had first hour because i was going on a field trip to the holocaust museum. the museum was good, but it still was being finished. it just opened that week. this brings me to realize i really lost touch with judiasm. it takes me so much longer to read hebrew now. ill i have to check into that. but i rode there with jared and his mom, along with mark, jon, brian, and shirley. we were trying to kick mark out to bring in emily, but that didnt work out, and mark got pissed off when he heard about the plan. well, im sure jareds mom thinks shirley is a druggy slut, who got with the whole hockey team, c/o brian and i. we got to the museum, and lost shirley and emily when they went to the bathroom. the tour was good, but brought feelings of sadness and bitterness, which is expected cuz it is a horrible part of history. we even got a holocaust survivor to speak with us. then, what everyone was waiting for... mongolian barbeque. meat meat meat, couldnt live without it. had 2 servings, put soy sauce in jon's drink, and talked about parties. then we had to go back cuz shirley had to go back to school. then i went home to change to go to hockey, and the bus left at 3:10 so i had to hurry. almost hit gonzos mom on the way in the parking lot. we were playing birmingham again, and they wanted to get revenge after we beat them 3-2. they didnt get it. we won 4-2 and totally rocked this kid at the end of the game. he came at me thinking he was just gonna rail me, but i ducked and hip-checked him and he flipped right over my back. then he elbowed me in the face, but it was all good, i rocked that bitch. then i came home and started some homework. i have a lot since i missed all of today. then friends was on and ER, so im watching that now instead of homework. girls are stubborn and ignorant, no offense.

friday night we'll be drinking manischewitz
going out to terrorize goyum
stompin shagitz, screwin schicksas
as long as we're home by saturday mornin
cuz we're the brews
sportin anti-swatstika tatoos
oy oy we're the boys
orthodox, haisidic, OG oys
orthopedic Dr. Martins good for
waffle making, kickin through the shin
reputation, gained through intimidation
pacifism no longer tradition
cuz hey we're the brews
sportin anti-swastika tattoos
oy oy we're the brews
the fairfax ghetto boys skinhead hebrews
we got the might, psycho mashuganas
we can't lose a fight, cuz we are the chosen ones
chutzpah driven, we battle then we feast
we celebrate, we'll separate our milkplates from our meat
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